Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why Building Muscle After 50 Is the Key to Longevity

Building muscle after 50 is not only possible, it is essential to good health and longevity. Muscle mass will naturally decline with age if you do not actively pursue activities to build muscle. Maintaining muscular fitness is a central key to overall health as you age.

One of the main reasons our bodies age is diminished production of testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) due to advancing age. These hormones are needed in the body to maintain a youthful appearance from building muscle to maintaining energy levels to keeping your skin tight and supple. Testosterone and HGH are the hormones of vitality and youthfulness.

The only way to stimulate the body to create more of these hormones naturally is by lifting heavy weight. This can be through traditional weight training exercises, body weight training workouts, heavy work in the yard moving rocks and logs or any exercise involving moving a load or resistance through space. Pick it and put it down. Lift and carry. Push it. Drag it. Flip it. Any effort requiring heavy work from your muscles will stimulate testosterone and HGH production.

Keeping your muscles and aerobic capacity strong allows you to continue to perform at a high level no matter what your age. This is important to keep you in the game. As soon as something becomes too hard to enjoy, you stop doing it. We are all invigorated by a brisk walk in the woods. However, it is no longer fun when your conditioning isn't up to par. Now it feels like work. You stop doing it and your fitness decline is almost guaranteed. Keep training and building muscle after 50 years old to get the most out of every day.

Maintaining strength and fitness also promotes good balance and coordination. Loss of balance due to aging and inactivity is the number one cause of injuries in people over 60 years old. In fact, a fall due to loss of balance is the primary reason that elderly people end up in a nursing home. Don't allow yourself to get to this point. Get yourself fit and strong to prevent deterioration to the point where balance and coordination is affected.

The key to anti aging and longevity is to keep the body young by promoting natural production of hormones. Building muscle after years old can only be done through heavy lifting work. Keep your muscles and endurance strong and balance skills honed by continuing to move your body through its intended range of motion. Keep moving, lifting and working to maintain your healthy body. Don't give in and become old.